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A curriculum to develop social awareness and creative thinking.

Presenting to adolescents a world full of meaning, bringing about a consciousness of the world they live in, developing a taste for culture & creativity, and to synthesize thinking are the ideals that we hold at ERSM.

7th & 8th grades (secondary I & ii)

At the time of puberty, the interest in humanity and the world at large awakens in the adolescent. The curriculum for grades 7 and 8 will meet this awakening. Students will study the great discoveries and inventions, which are the dawn of the modern scientific development.

They will discover the planetary world in relation to material and economic conditions. 
The continued introduction of science through the observation of the basic phenomena is complemented by the introduction of chemistry in 7th grade and biology in 8th grade. Physics continues to unfold over these years, enabling teachers to integrate students' experiences to their knowledge of the human being. For example, the concepts of optics will be used to understand the functioning of the eye.

Moreover, the play that is acted out in the 8th grade will be the crowning experience of the class from Grade 1 to 8 and will favour the synthesis of the arts (speech , music, scenery, costumes ...).

Internships and practical experiences

Through workshops offered in schools, such as copper work, weaving, bookbinding and carpentry, we allow students to experience his action on matter by manoeuvres of professional quality.



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When I switched Alexa from grade 3 in public school, where our nightly routine included angry, non-understood homework sessions of 1-2 hours, I was reassured to see the positive change in her. Within a few months, she was singing, reciting poems and loving her school experience. When asked why, she smiled and said, "Mommy, I guess this school opened my heart."

Mother of Alexa / Parent

Mother of Alexa

At ERSM, my child learns to be self sufficient: building a house to "protect herself", knitting to "clothe herself", making bread or apple sauce to "feed herself". These activities do not simply give her the impression of being self-reliant; by doing this with the other children, she learns the value of her own contribution within a group. She builds a place for herself within her own community.

Mother of Lili / Parent

Mother of Lili