Jardin des enfants ERSM

PARENT AND CHILD program (1 to 3 years old)


The Parent and Child Program at the Jardin des enfants ERSM is an introduction to Waldorf-inspired early childhood education. One morning each week, children and their caregivers meet with the program facilitator in a beautiful environment filled with natural materials and toys to inspire creative play. This bilingual program offers an opportunity for families to experience the holistic approach of Waldorf education and some of its central principles, including: beautiful, simple spaces; self-guided play and learning; respect and reverence for the natural world and its creatures; rhythm, and ritual.

Each morning begins in our outdoor garden (in almost any weather!) where children are able to explore the elements, and experience subtle seasonal shifts. With a simple song, we tidy up the yard and move indoors together.While the children play freely, adults are invited to craft a small toy or object for their home. After a circle of seasonal songs and movement to encourage healthy growth and development, everyone sits down to a nutritious, organic snack. Our morning comes to a close after a story told through puppetry, and a good-bye song.  

Throughout the program caregivers are provided with reading material which explores aspects of child development and parenting from the Waldorf perspective. Once each semester, parents are invited to attend an afternoon or evening session in which this material, as well as other parenting questions and concerns are explored through group discussion.  The Parent and Child Program is an open and inclusive space for all families. 



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When I switched Alexa from grade 3 in public school, where our nightly routine included angry, non-understood homework sessions of 1-2 hours, I was reassured to see the positive change in her. Within a few months, she was singing, reciting poems and loving her school experience. When asked why, she smiled and said, "Mommy, I guess this school opened my heart."

Mother of Alexa / Parent

Mother of Alexa

At ERSM, my child learns to be self sufficient: building a house to "protect herself", knitting to "clothe herself", making bread or apple sauce to "feed herself". These activities do not simply give her the impression of being self-reliant; by doing this with the other children, she learns the value of her own contribution within a group. She builds a place for herself within her own community.

Mother of Lili / Parent

Mother of Lili