Clearly and independently



Emotionally connected to the world at large



To take action and to contribute 


Home of French Waldorf Education in Montreal

“Head, Heart and Hands.”

Waldorf education cultivates three principal faculties in children: thinking, feeling and willing. As such, it is often described as education for the “head, heart and hands.” “Head” refers to the ability to think clearly and independently. “Heart” refers to the capacity for feeling emotionally connected to one’s work and the world at large. “Hands” refers to the willingness to take action to achieve one’s goals and to contribute to the world..

Jardin des enfants ERSM

Jardin des enfants ERSM

The Jardin des enfants ERSM offers a Parents and Children Program, a Pre-school and a multi-age Kindergarten, all in a warm, home-like setting.

Elementary School

Elementary School

Each morning a main lesson is given by the class teacher who stays with the same group of children from 1st through 8th grade to ensure a continuity in guiding each child’s individual development.

Middle School

Middle School

Presenting a world full of meaning; bringing consciousness to the world we live in; developing a taste for culture and creativity; and synthesizing thinking are the ideals that we hold for our Middle School students.

Upcoming Events

For existing parents & students as well as for those who want to  learn more about us.  


Autumn Open House

From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Primary • Secondary • Jardin des Enfants de l'ERSM: presentations, discovery workshops, and open house. To open..


Simplicity Parenting

When parents take steps to simplify their homes and their schedules, to introduce more predictable rhythms and to filter out concerns which childr..


Open Window on Middle School

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 FROM 4PM to 6PM Come explore with us the role that Waldorf education plays in our youths of 6th, 7th and 8th grades:..


Information Evening

From 7pm to 9pm. Maturity of the Child and Bridge to Grade School. Curriculum of the first 3 years of grade school. ..

When I switched Alexa from grade 3 in public school, where our nightly routine included angry, non-understood homework sessions of 1-2 hours, I was reassured to see the positive change in her. Within a few months, she was singing, reciting poems and loving her school experience. When asked why, she smiled and said, "Mommy, I guess this school opened my heart."

Mother of Alexa / Parent

Mother of Alexa

At ERSM, my child learns to be self sufficient: building a house to "protect herself", knitting to "clothe herself", making bread or apple sauce to "feed herself". These activities do not simply give her the impression of being self-reliant; by doing this with the other children, she learns the value of her own contribution within a group. She builds a place for herself within her own community.

Mother of Lili / Parent

Mother of Lili