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Education follows the natural development of children 

École Rudolf Steiner de Montréal is Montreal's French Waldorf School. It offers a unique approach to education that follows the natural development of children and allows their learning to evolve with their unique rhythm.

This uniqueness is attracting a new generation of parents whose goal is to nurture their children with academics that are not forced.


What better way to learn than by doing? Subjects are taught through the arts - drawing, role-playing, handwork, storytelling, singing, painting or movement. Educating the whole child (mind, body and spirit) is paramount. While ERSM follows the government curriculum, our approach to how we teach it is unique.

I think the beauty of the Waldorf system is that they don't teach art -- it's not a subject. Art is the way by which everything is taught and learned. Art is "high play" and only through high play does real learning take place. Yes, this is the way to a real life. The rest of it is conditioning to another's employ, another's motive, another's idea of life.

- Joseph Chilton Pearce


Nurturing imagination drives us! Imagine a place where your child is not forced to trade in her creative imaginings for 'the real world' at too tender age. How inspired would she be? 

Encouraging children to imagine is key to teaching them to love learning, to understand others and to grow as individuals. At ERSM, preserving and encouraging your child’s creative imagination fuels everything we do. 

The human ability to imagine should not be undervalued – it is the source of genius - and its roots are to be found in the creative play of early childhood. 

- Lynne Oldfield


We know that children who do not have a connection with the natural world cannot preserve it. 

From our natural fiber toys and handcrafted furniture to our garden playground, Nature plays a fundamental role at ERSM. Our students enjoy the outdoors every day while learning about their world. They visit a local biodynamic farm to learn where food comes from, and they grow and harvest their own vegetables every year.

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When I switched Alexa from grade 3 in public school, where our nightly routine included angry, non-understood homework sessions of 1-2 hours, I was reassured to see the positive change in her. Within a few months, she was singing, reciting poems and loving her school experience. When asked why, she smiled and said, "Mommy, I guess this school opened my heart."

Mother of Alexa / Parent

Mother of Alexa

At ERSM, my child learns to be self sufficient: building a house to "protect herself", knitting to "clothe herself", making bread or apple sauce to "feed herself". These activities do not simply give her the impression of being self-reliant; by doing this with the other children, she learns the value of her own contribution within a group. She builds a place for herself within her own community.

Mother of Lili / Parent

Mother of Lili